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How to make your space a beautiful place on a budget!

Have you just spent all your savings on the build and have nothing left to deck out your brand new home? Check out our inexpensive hints and design ideas to help make your space your own on a tight budget. 

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Should I build a single or double storey home?!

So you’re thinking of building your new home. One the biggest advantages of building your own new home is being able to choose the design and floor plan that best suits you and your family! However, do you build up or out? single, double or even triple storey? The choice is yours but hopefully this article will make your choice a little easier.

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Your Stories


Lachlan, Steph and their puppies build their first family home

Lachlan, Steph and their puppies Boston and Bentley have just moved into their new home in South West Sydney.  We asked them a few questions about their journey and get their honest feedback.

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Amber's first build at Gregory Hills

Amber is in her early twenties and has just finished building her first property at Gregory Hills. She hopes to use the equity in her home to build her next project. Find out how she did it and what her plans are next.

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Gerri and Grant move into their new double storey home!

Gerri and Grant are newly weds who have just moved into their brand new double storey home after going through the building process.  We were lucky enough to interview them and ask them some questions.

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