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Variations worth varying - 5 "must have" variations when building!

Including variations into your build are important. It makes the home that little bit more yours. The key is to not go overboard, so we have come up with some essential variations... definitely worth varying.

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What is soil testing?

One of the first steps of building a new home is having the soil on the site tested by a geotechnical engineer. Most builders will take care of this for you but some builders will not undertake a soil test of the site at tender stage and instead include an estimated allowance.

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Daniel's brand new investment home

Daniel is in the process of building his brand new investment home at Edmondson Park. He now shares his experience and thoughts on the process to date. The good, the bad and the ugly.

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Gerri and Grant move into their new double storey home!

Gerri and Grant are newly weds who have just moved into their brand new double storey home after going through the building process.  We were lucky enough to interview them and ask them some questions.

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Amber's first build at Gregory Hills

Amber is in her early twenties and has just finished building her first property at Gregory Hills. She hopes to use the equity in her home to build her next project. Find out how she did it and what her plans are next.

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