5 Tips For Anyone Constructing a New Home



Getting it right the first time is crucial when building a new home because you obviously can’t do a trial version. There’s no question that building a home is a major undertaking and one of the most joyous decisions that you’ll ever make. It can also be full of pressure and trepidation along with the happiness and excitement. The main thing is being fully prepared, even though nobody can control the weather or the chain of events that finally see the delivery of building materials and components on time. You obviously don’t want to be making grave mistakes when building your dream home, so here are five tips that will help keep you informed on your adventure:


1. Meticulous Planning

Once you’ve embarked on your project, a blizzard of decisions will come your way every day. To keep everything running as smoothly as possible, you need to make sure you have a clear idea of everything you want in your new home. Having an idea of what you want will ease any stress and confusion when you’re forced to make a decision. Think about such things as which direction the building will face, how many power points you want and make sure your designer, draftsperson or architect knows exactly what you want with regard to the layout and the lighting, e.g. Consider the interior design among a host of other factors. Get a good grasp of local council requirements and building codes.


2. Assemble the Right Team

The most important part of your home building project will be which contractors or builders you choose to hire to do the work on your home. Therefore, getting that part right from the very start will pay dividends further down the track. Fortunately, the team at myBuildcompare can help you here. It’s time well spent speaking to one of our new home building specialists. Always check on your builder’s credentials; get references and ask for a portfolio or samples of their past work. Talk to homeowners who have used them before, and consider the builder’s personality - can you work with a person such as that? A good builder might even take you on a tour to other sites the team has completed. Always check their fees and get a lawyer to read the contract before you sign.  


3. Take Care With Your Budget

The sad truth is that most building projects go over their budget and cost more than anyone originally expected, no matter what size or style of construction. Building contractors usually don’t factor in the cost of fencing and gates, window dressing, gas and electrical meters or NBN hookups. This is apart from any cost and build-time blowouts for things such as unforeseen circumstances, the weather and material scarcity so you need to budget for all of the above. You might change your mind about a structural element or fittings once they’ve been installed and there’s no guarantee some repair or other issues won’t crop up.


4. Look For Ways to Save Money

Despite the fact that building a new home will typically cost you more than you expect it to cost in the long run, there are ways to save money in this multifaceted process. Make sure you search out the best deals you can find on materials and fitting that your builder will need. Always also compare quotes for every single item you’ll need to from the start to the completion of the project. This might seem as if it’s too time-consuming but it will be worth it in the end - even the little things all add up so it could be well worth it if it helps you stick to your budget. Murphy’s law - anything that can go wrong will go wrong - operates on building sites, and when you sink money into property investment, you need to do all you can to make sure you don’t overspend.


5. Actively Take Part in the Building Process

When you’re having a house built you have to learn to be assertive, stand your ground on what you want and take the time to regularly check on the project’s progress. Try to push back, especially if tradies or the contractor tell you something can’t be done, even if at first the cost might scare you. In the finish, you’ll have realised your vision so it’s worth hanging onto details that you love. It is your project, after all, and you will be the one who pays for it and lives with it once it’s completed.


One of the most important and exciting, emotional and terrifying things you will ever do in life is to build your own home, but if you have an intention to enjoy the process as much as you can, things will be much easier. There will be mistakes and missteps along the way, but try to take them in your stride and learn resilience in the process since it can be character-building. The secret to it all is to plan everything right from the start and choose the best builder for your real estate project.


If you’re thinking of building or buying a new home why not contact us at myBuildcompare and speak to one of our friendly team members for a free consultation? We are a free service and we strive to help you find the right builder to construct your dream home. Call (02) 8798 7501 or email info@mybuildcompare.com.au.



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