Choosing the perfect floor plan


Once you have sat down and finally made the decision that you want to build your dream home the next step is to choose the perfect house plan. This can be a tedious and confusing task as it requires a lot of planning and forward thinking. Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing a new home:


1. Lifestyle


When choosing features in your home think of your lifestyle.


If you love entertaining friends and family, a formal lounge or outdoor alfresco area would be great! If you run a small business or work from home, a home office or study near the entrance would be ideal. If you love watching movies or playing a game of pool, a large home theatre or rumpus would be perfect!


2. Family dynamics


Family comes first! The dynamic, size and age of your family is one of the biggest considerations when choosing a floor plan. For example, the needs of a young couple that may want to have children in the future will be different to those of a retired couple.


Consider the amount of children you have and their changing needs as they grow up. For example, those with young children may want more bedrooms or a rumpus room whilst those with teenage or adult children may prefer a quiet space such as a study room.


Also don’t forget about your pets! For example if you have a cat or dog you may want to choose a floor plan that leaves you with a big yard for your furry family member to run and play in.


3. Focus on the layout


When choosing a floor plan make sure that your decision is based on the layout of the floor plan not the finishes or façade. It can be very easy to be distracted by the façade or upgraded finishes such as high-end appliances and raised ceilings when visiting display homes.


Upgraded finishes can always be added on and builders can also usually interchange facades between similar floor plans. A helpful tip is to think of your home as being stripped down and to imagine walking through your floor plan layout in your head.


4. Single or double storey


When choosing floor plans generally the first decision is whether to choose a single storey or double storey house. This decision is not always an easy one.


Have a read of our Single or Double Storey?’ article for some helpful tips to assist you in making the decision.


5. Your block of land


The size and layout of your block of land will also be an important factor when choosing a floor plan. For example, if you have a small block of land and would like to have a decent sized yard it may be worthwhile to choose a double storey floor plan to maximise the use of space.


Most importantly go with your instincts and take your time when choosing your perfect floor plan.


Do you have any helpful hints or tips in choosing the perfect floor plan? Share them with us so we can help others together.



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