Variations worth varying


Variations variations variations”.


If this is your first time building, then you will soon become acquainted with the word as we did in our build (all 38 variations).


“Variations” are, as the name suggests, the changes to the standard building design. Whilst variations are an important part in making the home your own, it is definitely worth doing your research and shopping around different house designs to find the perfect style that best suits your needs.  Where possible, avoid making too many structural changes, especially where there may be another design by the same builder that better suits your wants and needs.


Generally, the more you vary, the more it will cost you. In saying this, here are some variations which we think are definitely worth varying (or at the very least, be considered).


1. Increasing ceiling heights 

We are big fans of increasing the ceiling height. This is because the higher the ceiling the more depth and spaciousness it will give to a room. Generally, ceiling heights can range between 2.4m (this is normally what is included) to 2.7m (or higher). Our preference is a ceiling height of 2.55M which is a nice balance between depth and cost (without breaking the bank).

Reminder: If you do decide to go for a higher ceiling, make sure you consider also increasing the height of the overhead kitchen cupboards (to maximise storage and to minimise the space or the bulkhead space (this is the gyprock between the cupboard and the ceiling)).


2. Extra rooms

The cost of adding a room now as part of the build will generally be less than adding an extension later on. So plan now and consider your future lifestyle needs (i.e. kids, business etc). Furthermore, an extra room will always help increase the value of your new home.


3. Under stair storage

Where possible, add an extra storage space under stairs. You can even get mini doors for those hard to reach spaces. It’s an affordable add on which will help boost your storage space.


4. Adding Sliding cavity doors to home theatre

If it’s not already included or you are not big on having a home theatre, consider including sliding cavity doors (at a relatively low cost) and covert the home theatre into another room. Plus, it will also eliminate some noise even if you keep it as a home theatre at a relatively low cost.


5. Extra roller door garage at the back

If your floor plan permits and you’ve got space, consider adding another garage door tandem to your existing ones. You can always concrete the back area at a later stage and add a carport increasing the storage for your cars, trailers or boats. This will also help add capital growth when it comes time to sell.


By adding these simple variations, you can increase the value of your new home and make your home more practicable and efficient. So it’s win-win in our view!

Feel free to shout out and send us an email with your ideas. Let’s help each other get the most out of our builds.



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