So the construction of your dream home has finally finished and your builder has booked in an appointment for you to go for a walk-through inspection. 


This might be your first full walk-through inspection of your dream home however during the course of construction, your home would have been inspected by the relevant authorities at several stages. This is done to ensure that both national and local building and safety regulations have been complied with.


However, the purpose of the walk-through inspection is to give you the opportunity to raise any issues, faults or aspects that don’t quiet meet your expectations. Your builder will take your comments on board and arrange for any defects to be fixed prior to you moving in.


With the excitement of a new home many first time home owners often overlook the defects on their first inspection. Below are some helpful tips to assist you to make the most of your walk-through inspection:


1. Don’t rush it!


We know that your super excited to finally walk through and move into your dream home, but make sure you take your time to do a thorough inspection of both the interior and exterior.



2. Take a pen and notepad with you


It may seem like stating the obvious, but with our busy lifestyles many first time homebuilders often forget the to take a pen and notepad with them.


Don’t rely on your memory, make sure you make notes of all items of concern. It may also be worthwhile to take photos of defects that may be too hard to describe on your smart phone. This way you can forward the photos and a copy of your notes listing the defects straight to your builder.



3. Ask Questions


We’ve said it before, don’t be shy to ask your builder questions. If something doesn’t seem right or fails to meet your expectations make a note of it and raise it with your building supervisor on the day.



4. Attention to detail


Attention to detail is crucial at this stage in the game. Don’t be shy to examine and test out everything. We know that the list can be endless and therefore it’s a good idea to inspect the overall design and look of your new home and then to thoroughly inspect each room individually to ensure that it has been completed to a high level of quality.


Lastly if you’re a first time home builder try and view the final walk-through inspection as a learning experience.



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