Colorbond Steel vs Concrete Tile Roof


When it comes to the roof of your new home there are two main options to choose from. Colorbond and concrete (terracotta) tiles. Traditionally concrete roof tiles have been used in Australia on residential homes for decades. Colorbond is a much newer trend but, just as popular. If you haven’t yet made up your mind between Colorbond and concrete tiles here are some helpful tips to make your decision easier:



Concrete tiles are generally 20% cheaper than Colorbond. However that’s not to say that Colorbond will always be the cheaper alternative. The overall cost will depend on your roof design and layout.


Rainwater collection

Most new homes will have a rainwater tank to collect water for general household and gardening use. If you want to collect as much rainwater as possible Colorbond is the way to go. This is because concrete tiles tend to have a higher level of absorbency.



The weight of Colorbond is generally 10% of traditional concrete tiles. If you choose to go with Colorbond this means that your roof frames will be much lighter and will also allow your rafter spacings to be much wider. Concrete tiles also absorb rainwater, making wet concrete roof tiles heavier.



All new homes must be built in accordance with stringent Australian building and engineering standards. Some say that Colorbond is stronger and more resilient than concrete roof tiles. But regardless of your choice your builder will ensure that your roof is constructed and assembled to meet the relevant standards.



Despite insulation and soundproofing, the reality of it is that you will hear rain louder on a Colorbond roof than a traditional concrete tile roof. The sound of raindrops may be pleasing to some but disturbing to others during heavy downpours. It’s simply a matter of personal taste.



Concrete tiles can crack over time when put under increased amounts of pressure, however this usually occurs from misuse and can be easily replaced. On the other hand, Colorbond can dent in severe hailstorms. Also, algae may form on Colorbond if not properly maintained.


When choosing between Colorbond and concrete tiles, remember either way both will be installed to meet stringent Australian standards. It comes down to personal taste and preference. Once you’ve decided the next step is to choose the colour.


It can also be worthwhile to have a drive through new estates in your area and to check out the colours of some of the roofs on new homes. Comment below and let us know what your preference was.



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