The Construction Process – A Step by Step Guide to Your Build


You are building your new home from the ground up but understanding the construction process may be a bit confusing. Knowing what will happen at each stage of building a new home will ease some of the stress. 


Floor Slab

Seeing the slab of your home being laid is one of the most exciting stages. You have finally got through all of the paperwork and you can now see your dream begin to take shape. The slab piering will commence which involves a number of holes being excavated throughout the site which are filled with concrete to strengthen the foundation of your home and then the slab can be poured.



Your frames will be prepared before they are delivered to site so you will see them go up fairly quickly. You can now see the shape of your home and it is a good idea to arrange a site inspection with your builder so that you can walkthrough and get a feel for each room.


Roof Tiling/Metal Roofing

Don’t be alarmed if your roof goes on before the bricks. Some builders may complete the roof before starting the brickwork and some work the other way around. Both are normal and largely depend on the availability of trades.



The brickwork stage will really give your home true structure, and you can start to see the construction starting to take shape.


Rough In

This stage involves the electrical and plumbing wiring and pipes being installed before the gyprock to the frames.


Internal Lining

After the electrical and plumbing rough in is complete, the insulation will be installed in the wall and ceilings and then gyprock will start lining your walls and ceiling. You will get a really good sense of the size of your rooms at this stage.


Waterproofing and Tiling

The wet areas (bathroom and laundry) will be water proofed in preparation for the tilers to start the tiling and shower, bath and toilet installation.



The carpenters will now install the skirting boards, architraves, door jams and doors.


Lock Up

All external doors including the garage doors will be installed and the house can now be locked so that fixtures, fittings and the kitchen can be installed without risk of items being stolen.



All tapware, bathroom accessories, painting, flooring, kitchen, blinds – and basically what is leftover is done at this stage. Even though it seems as though your house is nearly finished because it looks that way from the outside, this stage relies on several different trades so it could take little longer to complete.


Practical Completion

This is time your builder will arrange a final inspection with you. You will walk through your house with the site manager and list any items that may need some attention. At this stage it should only be minor items or touch ups that require attention.



Your brand new home is finished! A handover date will be arranged with you and you will receive the keys to your brand new home! Remember that from the date of handover you will have 13 weeks to list any defects that might come up once you have moved in.  But remember... this is only the contractual period. You have more time under the Home Building Act 1997 (NSW).



For more helpful hints on the defect period check out the ‘Things to look out for in your walk-through inspection!’ article.



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