Building a single, double or triple storey home?!


So you’re thinking of building your new home. One the biggest advantages of building your own new home is being able to choose the design and floor plan that best suits you and your family!


Sometimes the choice between single storey and double storey is not clear cut. However, here are some of the important questions you should ask yourself before choosing whether to build up or build out.


Does double storey means double the cost?

The common misconception is that double storey homes cost significantly more to build. They don’t! Double storey builds usually costs 10–15% more than a single storey build on average, but can be built on smaller and more affordable land. Whilst larger single storey homes generally require larger and more expensive blocks of land.


Another factor that often goes missed is that the cost of heating and cooling. Circulation in a single story home is much more fluid and therefore significantly cheaper than a double storey.


What about my block size?

In today’s market with land becoming as are as "hens teeth", bigger blocks of land will usually attract a premium price. It is important to ask your builder whether your block of land will be more suited to a single or double storey house.


Single storey homes can take up a large portion of your land especially if you want a big home. This is not an issue if you have a big block of land but can be a problem on smaller blocks. Choosing to build a double storey can maximise the living space on smaller and narrower blocks of land and allow you to enjoy the luxury of a big yard. You may choose to use this space at a later stage to build a swimming pool/spa, garden shed or outdoor entertainment area.


Do I want stairs in my home?

Whilst this will ultimately come down to personal preference, stairs are an absolute necessity for double storey homes. Even though stairs can become a feature of your home you have to ask yourself the question…will you be comfortable going up and down the stairs multiple times a day? It can also be difficult getting furniture up and down them.


Single storey homes can be more age friendly and safer. This makes single storey homes more popular amongst families with young children as the best of us can often fall victim to the staircase.


Location, location, location!

Location is an important factor for anyone building their dream home. Those with corner blocks, it is important to find out from the outset whether there are any requirements in your design guidelines to build a double storey home.

Double storey houses can also give your house a more impressive ‘street appearance’ and better views of your neighbourhood. Surrounding homes in your neighbourhood should also be considered when building. Would you be happy to live in a single storey home surrounded by towering double storey homes?


Layout of your home

Layout of your home is important. Some people prefer to have bedrooms upstairs for double storey homes or at the rear of their block of land, if close to a busy road or park. Families with older children may prefer to have their master bedroom downstairs and the remaining bedrooms upstairs. A double storey home can give you more privacy and separation between your living areas and bedrooms.

It is also important to consider the aspect of your land. If your land has views, a double storey home will help you take most advantage of those views.


Whilst there are pros and cons to both single and double storey designs, ultimately the decision comes down to your own personal preference.

Weigh up the advantages/disadvantages and assess how it will affect your future lifestyle. Regardless of the design you choose enjoy the journey, its an exciting time!




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